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Narcos Systems Registration
For you to use Narcos Systems products, items and participate in actions and functions you have to register into Narcos Systems.

How to register into Narcos Systems:

1. Visit Narcos Systems MainStore or any active roleplay Gang Territories or Narcos Partners.
2. List of locations can be found under Gangs section of our official website.
3. Touch the area where it says: Touch here to register
4. Grab the free HUD to be able to consume and interact with other Narcos Systems members
5. Join the community and join our Groups

We have 2 different groups:

1. Narcos (For General Support & Exclusive to Gang Leaders)
2. Narcos Roleplay (For Roleplay and advertising)

There are more options available into the Narcos Systems Registration Board available for you, explore them all.
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