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Organization Vault

How does it Work?

Narcos Systems has created a Organization Vault, for all the Organizations to compete, sell, buy and trade produce of many types and different crops across the world. This equipment allows you to make missions, collect points, get exclusive and limited rewards that you cannot buy on Narcos Mainstore. As you move ahead and collect points the display of the Vault changes.

Security is made by Groups so make sure to rez with your Group. Members can access if they belong to the same group as you.

Terms & Conditions

Organizations that want to be listed in Missions, need to own the Organization Vault to be able to compete and get rewards. Your Organization name will only appear on the system listings if you own this device.

To be listed in the missions, you need to ensure that you have what is necessary to complete the missions. Organizations that activate the missions and do not provide any produce, will also be stopped from participating unless the situation is fixed, you can also lose your membership license.

Every month you need to activate your Organization for missions. Activation is made on the Mainstore, use the Terminal.

All Organizations must complete a minimum of 24 missions per year.
Failing to do this will result in stopping your organization to be listed.

How to use

1. Touch the Vault
2. Select one of the options

New Missions: Select the type of Mission you want to participate in. To collect Rewards you need to have 1 more point then what is asked. You are presented always with 3 options, you select the one you want. Points will not expire, they are always available, even if you dont use them.

Missions have the duration of 24 hours. You can skip a Mission, pressing the option Cancel, then confirm Yes, using the Missions Supplies, that will stop the Vault and skip that mission before the time ends, however, you will not get any points or Missions completed when you use this function.

You can have multiple Vaults running at the same time with different Missions, that will increase your options and you will win more points and get more rewards faster. Items and points vary depending on what are you getting from the Missions you start on your Organization Vault.

The Items required for missions change every 30 days (1 Month).

The more rare is the item, the more points you will get to exchange for rewards after.

If your Vault stops working please follow this link

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Narcos Systems was designed to offer you the best roleplay experience ever made in-world, created by our community for the community!


Narcos Systems started back in late 2021, we released our first production, creating simulation systems for roleplay with focus on producing and making drugs and other experiences for demanding Second Life® users.


Narcos Systems today offers several production types and a wide range of improved and realistic options, functions, services and products to engage furthermore all the Second Life® community users. Our System is RLVa.

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