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Terms and Rules for Registered Avatars
As a registered user into Narcos Systems, you are required to roleplay with other members and gangs. Each registration is unique. For you to be able to use, consume and participate in the Narcos Systems activities you need to have a valid registration that can be made in any Gang Location or at Narcos Systems Mainstore.

1. Game Abuse & Offenses:

You as a registered Narcos Systems player, must respect everyone, including the Narcos Systems Administration Team and its Support Team Members.

It is your choice to play, it is also your choice to act properly among the community.

If you are taking advantage by abusing the Narcos Systems and making verbal and/or written offenses to other members of the community and/or staff, we can ban your account at any given moment, stopping you from playing with our community, if proven that you made any of these offenses, calling names and offending others (Eg: Cheaters, Scammers, etc), outside roleplay, Private Group Chats, Public and other means.

Offending others, does not make you a bigger person, at all, it makes you dumb and you got no place within our community if you dont act properly with everyone around you.

2. Exploits:

We have detection systems installed to detect exploits, reports and logs in our servers, in-world and online. Your data when using our devices and items is monitored by our team to ensure the proper security and fairness into this game and into the community itself.

Each Narcos Systems member carries the responsibility to report any situation that is found and not detected by our Narcos Systems Development & Administration Team.

3. Narcos Systems Gangs:

When you visit a location of any Narcos Systems Gang, you are required to accept the terms and conditions and the rules inside the territory and engage into the roleplay they offer. Each Gang has rules to follow too, be respectful and visit a Gang when you see fit, but inside the land/parcel/island, you will obey the rules that are imposed by the Gangs and Narcos Systems.

Narcos Systems are not responsible for the sales of produce, items and devices within the community and specially within the territories of the Gangs you are visiting and buying items from, unless the items come from a banned Gang or member. Each Gang makes its own price, conditions and terms. But, if you buy something from a Gang that does not work, its faulty, bugged, etc, you may report back to us, after you contact the Gang first hand and they refuse to fix your problem.

List of Gangs is always available at: Narcos Systems Gangs. We recommend you to contact always the Gang Leader in order to discuss any dispute.

If you cannot solve a dispute with a Gang, regarding produce, devices and/or items by Narcos Systems, you can write down a notecard to any of our Narcos Systems Support Team Members, using this link: Narcos Systems Request Support

4. Buying Devices:

To buy devices from Narcos Systems you must buy them from our point of sales. However some Narcos Systems members might sell you items as well, just make sure that you are not buying items from banned members, always check the origin of your device, we will not support items that you did not buy from us.

This page can change the contents without warning, its up to you to visit to get the latest information regarding this page in the Narcos Systems and the game as a part of it, it is not our responsibility to announce it, notify you. This page latest update was made on December 1st, 2022.
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